Lightwind Kiteboarding Quiver

Kyle: Whats your favorite light wind kiteboarding kite?

Ray: The 2015 Velocity  is an awesome kite for light wind.

Ray:  The 2016 Velocity  is even better this year with big improvements to the bar!

Kyle: What’s  different about the 2016 Cabrinha bar?

Ray:  The 2016 Cabrinha 1X Control Bar w/ Trimlite is fantastic on the Velocity.  The non-adjustable control bar features the QuickLoop™ opening harness loop and utilizes our all new TrimLight cleat system.  The TrimLite Cleat™ is a light weight, simple trim system.

Kyle:  So do you use the 2016 Cabrinha 1X Control Bar w/ Trimlite for all your Cabrinha Kites?

Ray:  No, I’m the type of guy that hooks up the lines to the kite and never unhooks them until I sell the kite.

Kyle:  So every kite you have has it’s own bar attached all the time, that’s awesome.

Ray:  But my favorite bar is the 2016 1x Overdrive w/ Recoil.

Kyle: If you had to choose a board for light wind what would it be?

Ray: I love to ride a foil, and my favorite is the MHL Lift Foil because I can go out and ride in as little as 5 knots. “gnat fart”

Ray:  I love my Airush Compact Raw it’s my favorite surfboard.

Kyle:  What about a twintip kiteboard like the 2016 Cabrinha Spectrum?

Ray:  The  2016 Cabrinha Spectrum is a really good board that’s going to keep you riding in light wing.

Ray:  But my MHL Lift Foil is so much fun to ride in light wind and very forgiving.

Kyle:  Thanks for your time Ray, I look forward to seeing you on the water soon.

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