How to Kiteboard #2 - Lessons

Take Lessons with a Certified Instructor (Buy a Lesson here)

Although it depends on the individual, the average person can learn to kiteboard in 2-8 hours of lessons. We offer several lesson packages at Jupiter Kiteboarding, and our two hour lessons are most popular. The student to instructor ratio is normally 1:1 and never exceeds 2:1. This ensures that our students have ample time with the instructor and receive the best one on one instruction available.

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The first hour of a beginner kiteboarding lesson is spent familiarizing the student with an inflatable kite's safety and control systems. Other topics, such as wind assessment, location selection, rigging, and kite launching are also covered in the first half of a lesson. All students must demonstrate safe kite flying skills and self-rescue techniques before getting in the water with the kite. The pace of the lesson is largely determined by the individual student's ability to progress through the instructor's checklist. If a student is already comfortable with the basics of kite safety, control, and self-rescue, he or she will still be asked to briefly demonstrate these skills before moving on with the lesson. The lessons are cumulative, and the skills learned in the first lesson will be used throughout future lessons. For this reason, we recommend taking two to three lessons in a short time-span to help the student master the fundamentals of kiteboarding.

After you have completed a few lessons and received your instructor's approval to go out kiteboarding on your own, you should review the safe kiteboarding guidelines. Here are a few more things to consider to help make your kiteboarding journey a lot safer and fun:

1. Kiteboarding with other kiteboarders
2. Kiteboarding in conditions within your ability level
3. Riding at a kiteboarding location
4. Asking politely for an assisted kite launch
5. Speaking with other kiteboarders and kite shops in your area about local hazards
6. Take more lessons to get expert knowledge and progress as a kiteboarder 

Get your gear and go kiteboarding

Jupiter Kiteboarding is a full-service kite shop. We carry only the safest and most reliable brands at highly competitive prices. If modern equipment is out of the budget, Jupiter Kiteboarding also offers an incredibly wide array of used gear and close-out specials.

To get started kiteboarding, you will need five essential pieces of equipment: a kiteboarding kite, kiteboard, control bar and lines, harness, and kite pump. Additionally, a helmet and impact vest are suggested for safe kiteboarding. Choosing a specific kiteboarding kite,kiteboard, and harness depends on a rider's ability level, size, wind speeds, and water surface at their local spot. If you have questions about equipment, our experienced staff will be more than happy to help outfit you with the best gear for you.

It is also important to remember weather protection and kite repair accessories. Jupiter Kiteboarding also carries a variety of lycra tops and wetsuits, which provide ideal sun, chafe, and cold protection. Water shirts or neoprene tops are highly recommended, especially when kiting for extended periods of time. We also carry the best accessories to make traveling with your kiteboarding gear hassle-free and more fun!

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Stand: 09/22/2014
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