Not sure if your going to like it? Renting is a great way to give it a try! Find the rates here and don't forget to make a reservation!

Get started with the right gear and instruction. We offer paddleboarding lessons, and tours. Please call the shop at 561-427-0240 to make a reservation.

Lessons / Tours
SUP Packages set you up with everything you need to get on the water to go paddleboarding.

Paddleboarding Packages
Having a strong lightweight paddle is important for having the correct paddleboarding experience.

The latest paddleboarding accessories will improve your experience on and off the water. Don't forget to carry the proper safety gear! We do recommend using a board leash for safety.

Paddleboard Accessories
Keep your paddleboard in ship shape with protective gear. If you have damage we offer complete paddleboard repair kits.

Paddleboard Repair & Protection
Display or store paddleboards, surboards or wakeboards using one of these rack systems.

Racks & Accessories
Check out the last instruction and action in Paddleboarding DVD's.

Paddleboarding DVD's
Instead of trying to lift your boards up on top of your vehicle, take the risk out of damaging them in the process by carrying them on a trailer instead.