Wetsuits for kiteboarding, wakeboarding and paddleboarding.

Take the chill away with a neoprene wetsuit top. The smooth skin tops are incredibly warm.

Wetsuit Tops
Rash guards and water shirts will protect from sun and abrasion. Tight fitting ones are better for swimming or surfing. Water shirts are better for boating and sun protection.

Rash Guards
Protect your feet from the cold or where you are walking

Good board shorts are essential for riding hard. The stretch boardshorts provide the best flexibility for radical maneuvers.

Swim Shorts
The sun is intense around the water! The face and neck need protection from a good ventilated sun hat.

The sun around the water is extra intense so protect your eyes with special sunglasses.

Full leather sandals for everyday surfing life.

Sandals & Flip-Flops
Gloves are not required for kiteboarding, wakeboarding and paddleboarding but after hours on the water they will protect your skin.

Keep your valuables safe and stay in contact with the world. Don't forget to bring your ipad or iphone to catch all the action.

Waterproof Packs
Get the best waterproof sunscreen on the planet! It will protect your skin from those harmful UV rays!