For 2015 we are all excited to see NSP releasing 2 new shapes for the CocoMat series, including an updated 10’0 shape and a new 10’6 size.  The old 10’0 was a more sleek 29″ wide shape great for short flat water paddling while the newer version is 32″ wide and more of a fish/ egg shape with another 14 ltrs of volume bringing it up to 157 ltrs. Both the new 10’0 and 10’6 are somewhat of a mixture of the 9’2 and 9’8 models incorporating the pointy nose of the 9’2 and the width of the 9’8. Taking a bit of the best of both worlds the new 10’0 and 10’6 CocoMat boards feature a pulled in tail for maximum maneuverability in all surf conditions, and a wide forward point for efficient paddling, stability and fast controlled wave entry. As well as a 5 fin configuration to suit whatever the conditions, or your preference might be allowing you to have the drive and hold of a quad, the more traditional, highly responsive feel of a thruster, or the speed and simplicity of a good old single fin. Both boards feature a single to double concave transitioning to a vee bottom allowing for smooth and agile transitions from rail to rail and great paddle speed from takeoff. The new shapes may not be the fastest flat water paddlers with the extra width but for those looking for great all around shapes with a little extra volume that you can both surf and flat water paddle these are awesome boards.

Here are the specs for both boards:

10’0” 32” 4 ¼” 157 ltr 8” Coco Mat Center/ FCS M3 75kg / 165lb
10’6” 32” 4 ½” 175 ltr 8” Coco Mat Center/ FCS M3 Ideal for all weights

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