2015 cabrinha fx

Cabrinha may have finally done it, released a 3 strut freestyle kite that is still tame enough to also be used for freeride. It is called the FX and is supposed to bridge the gap between freestyle and freeride to create the perfect crossover kite. Ever since jumping on the bow kite band wagon for predictable powerful kites that have a ton of depower Cabrinha have slowly over the years been straying away from the bow platform to the new hybrid shapes that still have great depower and relaunch abilities. This has shown in the newer Switchblade models which have come a long way from their original bow platform due to the demand of consumers wanting a faster kite that is still a cinch to relaunch and has a ton of depower. Through the constant tweaks over the years the Switchblade has tried to fill in the gap for Freestyle/ Freeride in the Cabrinha lineup but has never successfully done it without having to make sacrifices. The all new 2016 FX we hope is the answer to everyone that loves the smoothness and predictability of the Switchblade but wants a kite that is a little more geared toward kiteloops and un hooked tricks. The 2016 Cabrinha FX is basically a combination of different aspects of both the Chaos and the Switchblade but don’t worry it takes after the Switchblade’s relaunch abilities.  Cabrinha themselves say “It’s perfectly suited to perform at the highest level of competition, but is also forgiving enough to make learning technical moves much less difficult. It has the drive and pull that you typically see in a freeride driven design, but it won’t hold you back when pushing to excel to a higher freestyle riding level.” You can still expect all the same features such as the 1X Depower System, 2DR double ripstop material for the canopy, Skeletal Frame, and SPRINT airlock that allows you to simply screw your pump hose on directly to the kite without any extra adapters. The 2016 Cabrinha FX will come in a 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 14m size with 3 color combinations as well as the wildcard scheme.

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+ Lines slack for passes + Better relaunch
+ Pullyless bridle + Faster steering
+ More upright in design + More low end power
+ Lighter bar pressure+ Flies through turns rather than pivoting. + Lighter bar pressure
+ Lighter bar pressure + Faster and tighter turning speed
+ Smoother power delivery



+ Smooth power delivery + Quick through kiteloops
+ Predictable handling + Good line slack when unhooking
+ Good upwind performance + Good pop
+ Good hang time + Firm touch in steering

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