Its August and we all know what that means, the 2016 Cabrinha line is ready for launch! May we first say that these might possibly be some of the best looking cabrinha kites yet, we are all really digging this year’s color scheme. Down to business though everyone wants to know why they should open their wallets and pay for the new 2016 Kites over the current 2015’s.

2016 FX


The 2016 FX was a really early release this year and was actually the first 2016 kite to be introduced to the market with the Pure Profile Panels. For the August 1st launch FX the only thing new/different are the 3 different color ways pictured below. The colors below will be the official colors of the current FX to be sold so if you want the early release ones better snatch them up now. Both FX’s are compatible with the 2016 and 2015 control systems.  Order your 2016 Cabrinha FX

2016 Switchblade

The main focus of the 2016 Switchblade was keeping it’s X Factor,  great low end power yet still being a high performance kite. For 2016 Cabrinha’s focus was how could they increase the performance without having to make any sacrifices. They accomplished this by incorporating the Pure Profile Panels design and the use of the A-B settings on the wingtips. Using Pure Profile Panels they were able to make the kite more aerodynamic to help with the low end power and this year really making the most of the A-B settings so you can essentially have 2 different kites in one. Order your 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade

2016 Drifter

Already being disputably the number one kitesurf kite on the market and 2x World Kitesurfing Wave Championship titles in both men and women Cabrinha really didn’t have to change much on the 2016 Drifter. What they did add though was 2 bridle tuning options, one optimized for onshore conditions and the other for hard offshore conditions. It also received some improved performance in the larger sizes as well as overall lower bar pressure and increased turning speed. A new 4.5m size was also added to the range for extremely windy days. Order your 2016 Cabrinha Drifter

2016 Radar


The 2016 Radar was designed to be a versatile freeride/ crossover kite and the best relaunching kite bar none. The whole size range was tweaked a little by Cabrinha shortening the distance from the center of the kite to the trailing edge making it slightly higher aspect. The end result is more performance in the larger sizes, better upwind performance, shorter depower travel, improved park and ride abilities, and faster pivotal turning. Order your 2016 Cabrinha Radar

2016 Contra


The ultimate lightwind machine goes pretty much unchanged for 2016 and just gets the awesome new colors which are well worth the higher price over the closeout 2015 Contra. The new colors are rumored to make you go 80% faster and jump 80% higher because they are just plain awesome. If you add a backwards facing cabrinha hat while riding you can expect those numbers to increase 5% as well. Order your 2016 Cabrinha Contra

2016 Velocity



Cabrinha’s ultra light weight race kite goes on without any changes other than the new green color that is the only option. We are starting to think the green 2016 kite might be faster than the red 2015 kite though because green means go and red means stop, or in some places just means slow down. Order your 2016 Cabrinha Velocity

2016 Chaos

The Chaos remains true to its initial design and is now a 100% Pure C kite. This year it has 4 lines but also has two 4m support lines that extend off. Cabrinha don’t really consider it a 6 line kite though they are calling it a 4+2 setup. Other changes were customizable steering options for either quicker turns, or a more stable kite position for handle passes. This year the Chaos requires the specific Chaos Control System. Order your 2016 Cabrinha Chaos

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