2 Hr Kiteboarding Lesson: Boot Camp Info
Lessons are the best way to get you up and kiteboarding quickly and safely! The average person requires about 3-9 hours of lessons to get up on a kiteboard. Jupiter Kiteboarding provides all of the latest equipment for the lessons and one-on-one instruction with one of our certified instructors.

We offer lessons 7 days a week, but they rely on cooperative weather conditions.

Complete Lesson Plan:
Includes basics of kite flying including: weather parameters, acceptable locations, kite history, safety, setup and flying. In your lesson, you will learn how to:

– Determine wind direction
– Kite set up: how to pump, walk with kite & connect lines
– Learn about wind window
– Fly kite unhooked at 12 O’clock position
– Fly kite unhooked on right and left side of the wind window
– Twist and untwist lines
– Release bar and use safety leash
– Kite recover on land
– Wind window with kite, clock positions, power zone, launching and landing areas.
– Launching and landing
– Power zone discovery without power
– Pilot kite in the harness line
– Use of safety, chicken loop
– Pilot in harness with one hand
– 1st Body drag, going downwind on right and left side

* Our instructors recommend flying a trainer kite previous to taking a lesson. Inquire in the shop about getting your training kite today.

Trainer Kites are smaller kites that will teach you about the wind window and weather conditions. To fly a trainer kite, it is not necessary to have a lesson. Although it is not required to fly a trainer kite previous to taking a lesson, individuals that have flown trainer kites advance much more quickly during lessons.

*Once you have a purchased a lesson we will call you to schedule an appointment.

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