Wind and Kite Knowledge:

Wind is moving air, mainly caused by differences in air pressure between air masses. It is the basic element for kitesurfing. The moving air fives the kite lift, which is used to plane over the water or to jump.

Features of the Wind:

Around Objects, for instance a beach house, the flow of air is interrupted. Upwind of the object the airflow is blocked, so it will need to move up or around that object, which can cause strong turbulences. Downwind of big objects, turbulences, wind holes, gusts and changes in wind direction can occur.

NOTE: Kiting in such areas is not just difficult, but also very dangerous!

Venturi Effect:


Windward Turbulences  &  Leeward Turbulences:




Wind that is flowing through a funnel built by land masses, is locally accelerated.

In case the wind hits land masses sideways, it can be redirected and accelerated locally as well.

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